“We went to the ‘beginners self defence course’ yesterday and it was a great experience! The techniques are easy to remember and the general safety and awareness advise invaluable. It was also fun! Most importantly, we all left feeling much more self-confident than before. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially women”.
Laura, Debbie & Friends – Ipswich

“If you want to know how to defend yourself then this is the course for you. We learned several manoeuvres, how to protect ourselves and most importantly the psychology on what to do in various scenarios. The course was well structured with a friendly atmosphere which encouraged all of us to enjoy ourselves and have a go”
Ian – Suffolk

“I would like to say that Suffolk Street Defence were brilliant to deal with, from my initial enquiry to the final bespoke self defence programme for a group of teenage girls, the whole process was smooth, friendly and efficient. Added to this the girls had a great time and learnt some new skills. Thanks again and am spreading the word!”
Jackie – Suffolk Girl Guides

“I’ve been doing martial arts for several years and I’m usually very picky about the schools that I choose. It normally takes me a month or so to finally make a decision but this time it was fairly easy. The instructors were helpful and knowledgeable. They actually taught real life skills rather than doing the ABC’s for several months unlike most of the traditional schools I have joined/taught at. I highly recommend checking out the classes. There a great group of motivated and like minded people.”
Ollie – Suffolk