Womens Self Defence

Our Reality Based Self Defence methods and scenario training will give you the confidence and skills to know that you will get home safely whatever the circumstances (and without creating unnecessary fear).

Emphasis in this programme is equally balanced between physical self protection training and awareness, avoidance and verbal diffusion.

You will be taught how to travel on public transport safely and the do’s and don’ts when it comes to using a taxi service. You will be given advice and training to improve your safety if you are a lone worker. You will be taught how to defend against attacks more likely to affect women – for example, rape, kidnapping and sexual assault. You will be taught ‘hit and run’ tactics and simple uses of everyday objects to aide your escape. You will be given advice on personal attack alarms, post traumatic stress disorder and taught everyday habits that will improve your safety and reduce the chances of you becoming a victim.

Please note typically all of our classes are mixed sex – however we understand some people may wish to train exclusively in pairs or with a group of friends and this is perfectly fine. You will not be expected or asked to do anything which makes you feel uncomfortable.

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