What We Do

Suffolk Street Defence focuses exclusively on Reality Based Self Defense. RBSD refer to a system of self defense that focus exclusively on reality based self defense scenarios and conditions. Hence the words “reality based.” Unlike mixed martial arts and traditional martial arts styles like karate, reality based self defense is not a hobby or sport and it does not participate in tournaments of sport combat competitions. It’s all about learning how to avoid conflict – and fight to win if need be.

What is RBSD?

Reality-based self-defence (RBSD) is a system that teaches techniques and tactics for protecting one’s self in everyday life without adhering to any particular system or tradition. The training is based on instinctive responses, gross motor movements, conflict scenarios and most importantly pressure testing.

We address the three stages of any conflict:

  1. Pre-Conflict Stage
  2. Conflict Stage
  3. Post-Conflict Stage

What is taught?

Suffolk Street Defence offer a reality based martial arts class focused on a stripped down core combat techniques  and tactics taken from the best UK and USA RBSD systems. They can be learned and mastered in a short amount of time. Classes are focused on learning a handful of techniques that can be applied to a wide variety of situations then pressure testing them to build confidence in their value. The curriculum includes:

  • The core “street” game plan & tactics
  • Default Responses
  • Development of core skill sets (Striking & grappling skills)
  • Aggression training
  • Gradual pressure testing